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Trump On Biden's Decision: 'I'd Rather Run Against Hillary'


GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump responded to Vice President Joe Biden’s decision not to run for president, saying he’d prefer former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be the democratic nominee. 

“I’m actually happy about it because I would rather run against Hillary,” Trump told USA Today on Oct. 22. “I think beating Hillary on her record will not be very difficult. Her record has been atrocious. I personally think [Biden] would have been somewhat tougher, yes.”

The real estate mogul said he thinks Biden realized he was “late” to launch a campaign, and he offered other theories as to the reason behind the Vice President’s decision — which came as a surprise to many.

“He probably looked at polls. I'm a believer in polls. I only like them because I've been Number One for 100 days now, which is pretty good,” Trump said.

“How often do you see polls are wrong?" he added. "Not too often.”

Sources: Washington Times, USA Today / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Marc Nozell/Flickr


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