Democrats Break Fundraising Record, Still Lose to GOP


Backlash aimed at President Donald Trump resulted in a record-breaking fundraising quarter for the Democrats, but they still got beaten by Republicans, who raised more.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised $13.2 million in March to bring its total fundraising amount during the first quarter to $31 million, according to The Hill.

‶Our record-breaking fundraising is a clear reflection of the urgency that people have towards fighting back against a reckless Republican agenda, including ongoing efforts to rip apart the Affordable Care Act,″ said DCCC spokesman Tyler Law. ‶The massive amount of small-dollar, online donations -- much of which came from first-time donors -- provides another clear sign that the grassroots energy is behind House Democrats this cycle.″

While Democrats touted their ‶record-breaking″ haul, the National Republican Congressional Committee raised $15.5 million in March, bringing its total first quarter fundraising to $36 million. This came despite Trump performing historically low in polls, losing support from some of his base after failing to get new health care legislation passed, and constant allegations from the Democratic Party that he has nefarious ties to the Russian government.

But Democrats crushed Republicans in terms of online fundraising, accumulating $13.6 million, compared to only $1.7 for the GOP in the first quarter.

‶Being in opposition tends to mobilize people, and being in opposition to a President Donald Trump tends to really mobilize people,″ said Teddy Goff, a former digital aide to former President Barack Obama and 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, according to Politico. ‶The heartening thing for the party -- our candidates and incumbent officeholders, as well as new groups like Indivisible -- is people aren’t just angry. They want to go out and do things, like marches around the country, and the fundraising numbers [reflect that].″

Although the Republican online funds total was low compared to that of the Democrats, $1.7 million is considered a vast improvement over its past online totals.

According to a tweet by Ally Mutnick of the National Journal, the RNCC raised only $1.3 million during the first quarter of 2015, the last non-presidential campaign year. More importantly, the RNCC also attracted 60,000 new donors, many of which are small-time donors like those that propel the Democratic Party's fundraising efforts.

Although the DCCC has broken fundraising records, it failed to invest in a tight congressional race in Kansas until the final days. Democratic candidate James Thompson, once considered a long shot to beat Republican Ron Estes, ended up losing by only 5 points in a district that Trump won by 27 points, according to ThinkProgress.

Sources: The Hill, Ally Mutnick/Twitter, ThinkProgress / Photo credit: Maryland GovPics/Flickr

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