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Trump Attends Game 5 Of The World Series, Faces 'Sickening' Chant From Stadium Fans


A Bronx cheer at the World Series in Washington, DC had heavily greeted the US President Donald Trump with various boo-chants and even chants saying “Lock him up,” which is an ode to Trump’s famous mantra to Hillary Clinton from the last year, “Lock her up.”

The president had attended the Game 5 of the World Series Game between the Nationals and Astros, appearing at the Jumbotron stadium just after the third inning whilst on the salute to the veterans as it had not been far from the White House. But as the camera panned from the soldiers towards Trump, the cheers had gone from happy cheering to widespread loud boos.


It might have been predictable, as the previous presidents such as Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and the Bushes had all been booed by attending baseball games such as this year’s cup,

Another section of the stage crowd had also chanted “Lock him up” in unison, which had been an obvious jab from his earlier statement to Hillary Clinton’s that offended her and her followers from the 2016 presidential elections.

The video footage from Twitter had then rapidly gone viral, showing the exact moment where the fans had changed their tune from happy cheers to angry protesting boos.


It was then revealed that Trump had left the game earlier on, breaking the tradition to throw out the baseball’s ceremonial first-pitch since the 1910s. He allegedly tells Major League Baseball’s commissioner, Rob Manfred, that he refused to attend the ceremony “in order to make the fan experience as positive as possible”.

The US President also joked last Friday that his bullet-proof vest might get in the way from him throwing the first pitch. “I don’t know. They gotta dress me up in a lot of heavy armour. I’ll look too heavy. I don’t like that,” Trump says.

The Sunday’s game ended with a 7-1 win for the Astros, as they now lead this year’s best-of-seven in series 3-2.

Sources: New York Post / Photo Credit: CNN

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