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Trump Attacks 'Clown' Karl Rove, 'Dummy' John McCain

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on July 16 used his Twitter account to attack Karl Rove, a senior adviser of former President George W. Bush.

“@FoxNews You shouldn’t have @KarlRove on the air — he’s a clown with zero credibility — a Bushy!” Trump tweeted, referencing Rove’s former position in the Bush White House from 2001 to 2009.

Trump also attacked Rove for his less-than-stellar performances in fundraising and campaigning during the 2012 election cycle for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and a plethora of other GOP candidates for gubernatorial, House and Senate elections.

“@KarlRove wasted $400 million and didn’t win one race — a total loser. @FoxNews.” Trump continued on his Twitter feed, which is seen by his 3.2 million followers and millions of others who view his statements after they have been made public and generated controversy.

The $400 million Trump referenced was close to the total amount of money Rove’s Super PAC raised for Republican candidates in 2012. The political action committee, American Crossroads, officially raised $430 million, but did not succeed in having Romney defeat President Barack Obama in their head-to-head battle.

Trump’s presidential campaign has been nothing short of controversial when he officially announced his candidacy from his landmark Trump Tower in New York City on June 16. Since then, Trump has come under fire for his comments about Mexican immigrants, his multiple Twitter feuds and the termination of his business relationships, specifically with NBC, Macy’s and NASCAR.

Trump also criticized 2008 Republican presidential nominee and Arizona Sen. John McCain, calling the Vietnam War POW a “dummy” for his stance on immigration.

“@SenJohnMcCain should be defeated in the primaries. Graduated last in his class at Annapolis — dummy!” Trump tweeted. Mark Salter, a former McCain aide, commented on Facebook saying that Trump “isn’t just an embarrassment to the Republican Party … He’s an embarrassment to the country.”

Despite the negative publicity, Trump currently sits at No. 1 in most Republican presidential polls. Many political analysts believe Trump's penchant for controversy will cost him as election season rolls on.

Sources: New York Daily News, The Wrap / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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