Trump Asks Turkish Reporter: 'Friend Or Foe' (Video)


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump asked a Turkish reporter on July 1 if he was a "friend or foe" (video below).

"Turkey? Are you from Turkey, sir?" Trump asked Yusuf Serce, notes TIME.

"Good, Congratulations," Trump added. "I actually have a very nice job in Turkey. He's saying, 'Please mention Turkey.' OK. I think he’s friend," Are you friend or foe? Huh? I think he's friend. But, no, it's true. Turkey. And I do, we have investments in Turkey. I have investments in a lot of different places. But I will tell you, Turkey, by the way, should be fighting ISIS."

According to TIME, Serce later tweeted: "I just wanted to let him say what he wants to say."

In January, Turkey attacked ISIS (Daesh) in Syria and Iraq in response to a suicide bombing by the terrorist group, reported Reuters.

"Close to 200 Daesh members including so-called regional leaders were neutralized in the last 48 hours," Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said at the time. "After this, every threat directed at Turkey will be punished in kind."

Turkey also rounded up hundreds of people who were suspected members of ISIS.

Turkey recently blamed ISIS leadership for a terrorist attack at an airport in Istanbul, an unidentified senior government source told CNN.

CNN reports that Turkish officials said three men from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan came into the country from Raqqa, Syria, and brought suicide bomb vests.

The men reportedly rented an apartment in Istanbul, where one of them left his passport.

The airport terrorist attack was "extremely well planned with ISIS leadership involved," the source told the news network.

An airport surveillance video camera filmed three men wearing heavy jackets and carrying bags.

"One of the toughest battalions in ISIS is called the Uzbek battalion," CNN contributor Michael Weiss said. "These were the guys who were essentially on the front lines guarding Falluja, the city they just lost in Iraq. Ask anybody inside ISIS or who's fought ISIS. People from the former Soviet Union tend to be the most battle-hardened and willing to die."

Sources: TIME, Reuters, CNN / Photo credit: Matt Johnson/Flickr

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