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Trump Says Obamacare Is 17 Years Old And Is 'Death' (Video)

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President Donald Trump announced on July 24 that "Obamacare is death" and said the 2010 health care reform law, officially known as the Affordable Care Act, has been around for "17 years" (video below).

"For the past 17 years, Obamacare has wreaked havoc on the lives of innocent, hardworking Americans," Trump said.

Trump was quickly mocked on Twitter, notes

Trump just said Obamacare has been around for 17 years, but in his defense, the last six months have felt like 10 years.

[T]rump: For the past 17 years, Obamacare has wreaked havoc. Me: It was passed seven years ago dummy. Your stupidity is wreaking havoc.

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Trump: "For the last 17 years Obamacare has wreaked havoc." That Obama guy, he wreaked havoc into the future from the past. Amazing!!!

Donald Trump incorrectly stated that Obamacare has been around for 17 years. Reminder: He just appointed a new Communications Director.

Trump was trying to urge Senate Republicans to repeal the ACA during their vote on July 25, without offering a replacement plan.

Later in his speech, the president asserted that the Republican Senate replacement plan protects those with pre-existing conditions and insisted that Obamacare is terrible:

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The Senate bill protects coverage for pre-existing conditions. And you don't hear this from the Democrats. They like to tell you it's just the opposite. They didn't even know the bill. They run out they say death, death, death. Well, Obamacare is death. That’s the one that's death, and besides it's failing, so you won't have it anyway.

The Atlantic noted in June that the Republican Senate bill allows states to apply for waivers that would allow insurance companies to set annual or lifetime limits on how much coverage people could get. People with serious chronic health conditions would have to pay out-of-pocket costs that could wipe them out financially, which is how the health care system was before the ACA capped out-of-pocket costs and guaranteed essential benefits. notes that Twitter users slammed Trump's assertion that "Obamacare is death":

[W]hy is that sorry excuse of a man talking about obamacare being death with it's legit saved lives im so tired of him can he die in a hole.

If Obamacare is death, I am here, Obamacare. Find me. I am yours.

"Obamacare is death," Donald Trump. I'm on it. Very much alive.

"Obamacare is death," says the guy who says Obama founded ISIS.

Obamacare is health care! Trump wants you and republicans to drink the Kool Aid just like they did in Giana. That turned into death for all.

"Obamacare is Death." The new single from the up and coming metal band The Obstructionists. #Trumpcare.

The eloquence of the Trump White House's speechwriters shines through again with "Obamacare is death," one of the dumbest soundbites ever.

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