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Reports Allege Trump And Obama Haven't Spoken In A Year

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President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama reportedly have not spoken in a year -- the first time in decades that two presidents have not been in communications following the transfer of power.

Obama and Trump last spoke around the time of Trump's inauguration, but have avoided speaking to each other since, CNN reported. Trump has continuously criticized Obama's policies and decisions during his time as president, and has made unsubstantiated claims such as Obama wiretapping Trump Tower and not calling the families of deceased soldiers.

Throughout the Trump presidency, Obama has avoided speaking about policy matters in the current administration or directly criticizing the president -- instead making indirect references to him on a small number of occasions.

Obama did leave Trump a note inside a drawer of the Oval Office -- in which the former president wished the current one well in his term.

"Congratulations on a remarkable run," Obama wrote in the note. "Millions have placed their hopes in you, and all of us, regardless of party, should hope for expanded prosperity and security during your tenure."

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Trump was reportedly appreciative of the note and attempted to reach out to Obama, but the former president was traveling at the time and couldn't be reached. An Obama aide then attempted to return the call, but Trump's staff simply passed on a message of thanks.

Many readers had mixed reaction to reports that the two successive presidents haven't spoken -- with some pointing to the current discord within the White House as reasoning for Obama not reaching out.

"President Obama met with Donald once, prior to Donald taking office. I guess once was enough for President Obama to know that trying to give any good advice to Donald would be a complete waste of time, only falling on deaf ears...and the empty space between those ears," one CNN reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"Trump would not be able to hold a conversation with President Obama. I did not agree with everything Obama did, but it was nice to be able to listen to him speak without cringing," another wrote.

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"Why would they talk if Trump talks about him every single day since he became [president} ... He is jealous of Obama obviously and for good reasons. Trump is not liked by many former presidents too," another added.

Others, however, praised Trump's efforts in the first year and pointed to that as the reason the two haven't spoken.

"Trump inherited a government stuffed with swamp dwellers put in place by Obama's Executive Orders [plus] would you be nice to a guy who shadowed your every move because he couldn't give up the job?" one reader commented.

"That's because Obama is less relevant than when he was president - if that's possible. What could Trump possibly benefit from talking to an incompetent who is being erased?" another added.

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