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Trump And Cruz's Iran Rally Shows Strengthening Relationship Between Candidates

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Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz, two of the most outspoken opponents of the White House’s Iran deal, will hold a joint rally in Washington in early September. According to the Hill, the event will be hosted by the Tea Party Patriots, the Center for Security Policy and the Zionist Organization of America. It will take place on the Capitol’s West Lawn. Cruz, despite trailing Trump in the GOP primary polls, invited Trump to speak.

The event will be symbolic not just of the Republican opposition to the White House Iran deal, but of the relationship between Trump and Cruz. Trump has taken shots at almost every other Republican candidate aside from Cruz, starting feuds with Bush, Paul, Christie and more. Cruz, too, has been cautious not to criticize Trump. While the rest of the GOP field seems to commit political suicide by attacking the leading candidate, Cruz is playing it smart and safe.

As CNN reports, Cruz has been one of the few politicians to support Trump’s controversial immigration policy. He even claimed he was “grateful” that Trump introduced the issue to the GOP debates. By aligning with each other on the similarly controversial issue of the Iran deal, Cruz and Trump could further strengthen their relationship. Both candidates might be thinking ahead — at the possibility of running on a joint ticket. It’s too early to speculate whether that’s the case, but it is interesting that Trump has chosen not to distance himself from only one candidate so far.

The rally will also demonstrate to voters how both Cruz and Trump are leading the criticism of the deal. It separates them from the other candidates that may speak against the deal but refuse to take action against it. As The Hill reports, the White House has already dismissed the event as a "big pro-war rally." 

The relationship between Cruz and Trump isn’t necessarily surprising. Trump has captivated an enthusiastic fan base by serving as an alternative to the party’s establishment. Cruz, too, worked his way into Congress on an anti-establishment platform. He rode the wave of the Tea Party movement, promising to bring change in both Washington and within the Republican Party. If both candidates continue to campaign smartly, they could appear on the ticket together next November.

Sources: The Hill, CNN, The Hill

Image Source: New York Magazine


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