Trump: All Cruz Can Do Now Is Play 'Spoiler'


Republican presidential candidate front-runner Donald Trump won big in his home state of New York on April 19 and then gloated about how his competitors can't catch him.

"Ted Cruz is mathematically out of winning the race,” Trump tweeted about Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who finished a distant third in the New York primary. “Now all he can do is be a spoiler, never a nice thing to do. I will beat Hillary!"

Trump won 60 percent of the votes in New York and took 89 of the state's 93 delegates, according to The Associated Press. Gov. John Kasich of Ohio won 25 percent of the vote and nabbed four delegates.

But Cruz, who is Trump's main challenger in the overall delegate race, garnered only 14 percent of the New York vote, which made him ineligible to receive any delegates.

Cruz is not literally mathematically eliminated, but it will be difficult for him to catch up to Trump. The billionaire real estate developer has 846 and needs to get to 1,237 to clinch the nomination, reports FiveThirtyEight. Cruz has 544 delegates.

Several of the upcoming primaries are in the northeast, where Trump is expected to do well. Cruz, a conservative evangelical Christian, is expected to be a tough sell in the more socially liberal northeast states.

In Pennsylvania, which holds its primary on April 26 and is worth 74 Republican delegates, Trump has a 20-point lead over Cruz, according to Real Clear Politics averages.

Speaking in Philadelphia to a small crowd after the New York results came in, Cruz rallied his supporters.

“You may have been knocked down, but America has always been best when she is lying down with her back on the mat, and the crowd has given the final count,” he said, according to New York Daily News. “It is time as us for a nation to shake it off and be who we were destined to be.”

Sources: Donald J. Trump/Twitter, FiveThirtyEight, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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