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Treatments of malocclusion in a nutshell

Misplacemnet of tooth which leads to disturbed alignment is known as malocclusion. Malocclusion occurs mainly due to several tooth flaws like overbite, underbite and crowding. A person with the problems of this nature should consult a dentist at his earliest. It is believed by experts that it is important to be diagnosed for such complications because if these situations aggravate then the treatment will become more difficult and the required time period will also be prolonged. Dental implants Long Island treatments are preferably performed in childhood or in adolescence owing to the fact that the bones are soft at this time. Because of this reason the fixing of appliances will be easier and the problem will be fixed far more easily than if it is done in the later ages of life.

When you approach a dentist with the above mentioned problems, he will first make a thorough diagnosis of your problem and will detect the category of disorder that your problem falls into. If, dentist averts the conditions to be of malocclusion then will guide the person to get in touch with specialist. After approaching an orthodontist too he will reexamine the structure of tooth and oral conditions, to prepare nature of treatment. This will also include him pulling your cheek outwards and asking you to bite so that he can know how much misalignment has taken place. Plaster models will also be prepared by the orthodontist in order to study the structure and alignment of teeth as closely as possible. Oral devices are fixed according to the nature of the problem .

These appliances that are fixed in your mouth by the doctor can be of the two categories namely functional or fixed appliances. Fixed and removable devices fall under category of Functional appliances. The example of fixed appliances are braces which are completely attached to the teeth and cannot be removed. But if the braces are removed, tooth can move from one place to another. Retainers are fixed over tooth to keep them intact. There are also some space maintainers that are fixed in order to prevent the movement of teeth in vacant places which are created due to loss of tooth or teeth due to trauma or accidents. In case of crowding of teeth, teeth are also removed.

When you have Long Island dental implants or mini dental implants fixed, you need to take care of oral hygiene and so is the case in orthodontic appliances, Orthodontic appliances like dental implants and mini dental implants should be well taken care of. Oral devices should be well taken care and sanitary precautions are necessary to keep devices in function for many years.


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