Treasury Secretary Jack Lew Says Domestic Spending Cuts, Federal Debt Limit Non-Negotiable


Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced on “Fox News Sunday” that President Barack Obama will not sign government funding bills that cut domestic spending or negotiate spending cuts to raise the federal debt limit.

“Congress has to do its work,” Lew said, and suggested that raising the debt limit is non-negotiable.

Lew also said that domestic cuts would not be allowed to soften the blow of Department of Defense spending and called such a thing “unacceptable."

Republicans are expected to try defunding or repealing ObamaCare in response, according to Rep. Peter King, which Sen. Mike Lee has already begun to do. Lee hopes to round up fellow conservatives to strip as much funding from the health care plan as possible.

In response to the opposition Lee has faced so far, the senator said he takes the criticism as a sign that he is taking the right step.

Some Republicans are also expected to try shutting down the government, which King called “terror politics” and which he suggested might lead to Republicans’ loss of the House.

“We should not be closing down the government under any circumstances,” King said.

Separately, Lew commented on the state of Detroit and pressed for answers as to why the government would bail out corporations but not the city. Lew argued that Detroit had received technical advice from the government and had received resources from federal programs.

Detroit will have to “work [it] out with its creditors,” Lew said.

Sources: Fox News, Free Republic


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