Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood Makes Distracted Driving Worse

By Mike Riggs

Which is more of a distraction while driving: holding a phone up to your ear, or having a stranger pull up behind/beside you and lay on the horn for no apparent reason? Most of us would say the latter. Most of us are not Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who recently told local D.C. radio station WTOP that he likes to drive around D.C. on the weekends and further distract distracted drivers: 

"I drive around on the weekends in Washington," Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood tells WTOP about his informal road patrols.

When he sees what he describes as "my biggest source of irritation" -- somebody on a cellphone, LaHood takes action.

"What I've been doing is kind of honking at somebody if I see him on a cellphone."

LaHood says it's his way of "taking personal responsibility" to reduce driver distractions.

I could be wrong, but I doubt that honking at strangers "reduces driver distractions."


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