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Total Debt to GDP: Approaching 90%

I sometimes see people claiming that we (The United States) can handle much more debt than we currently bear.  Though that may hold some truth in a short-sighted snap shot, it should not be difficult to agree with the notion that our current spending habits are not sustainable.  So then, why when I turn on my television, or listen to my radio, is there so much talk about ways to spend more money?   I can’t help it. I’m going to pick on the healthcare bill – forgive me.  

Idealistically speaking, there is no argument.  Sick people need care.  Unfortunately, Idealisms don’t make money magically appear from unicorns pissing rainbows… because of the leprechaun at the end of them… never mind.

My point is this – Although the argument for the healthcare reform is an idea which good hearted people can get behind, there is a much larger threat looming over us all.  That threat is our National Debt.  It climbs every day whether we hear about it or not.  If it’s climbing fast now, what will it do when the healthcare bill becomes active?  Folks, this situation could grant Iran its wish for “Death to America.”  I know, I said “Folks.”  I’m from the south, I’m allowed. 

I’m trying to keep some humor to the matter, and I’m sorry for picking on the healthcare bill, but I think our Budget Deficit is at a very serious cross-roads.  Are we going to wrestle it back under our control, or are we going to turn a blind eye until it gets too serious to fix without major inflationary consequences?

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