Tory Majority Best Punishment for Coalition


The federal Liberal’s finally decided to end their three-year habit of making empty threats and pulled the trigger on a non-confidence motion today in Ottawa. The minority Conservatives of Stephen Harper were, as expected, toppled.
And so, for the fourth time in seven years, Canadian voters – as divided along the political spectrum as we have been for years – are going to the polls.

It is expected that this election will result in more of the same: either another Harper minority or a slim Liberal minority with Herman Munster Michael Ignatieff as P.M.

There is one difference this time around, however, which was revealed long before today’s vote: the people don’t want an election right now. From radio chat shows to blogs to the MSM, the mood on the street is that we have no taste for another $300 million exercise in democracy.

While that may not be surprising, it is how vocal people are becoming in their opinions.

Even some voters who may not be historically ‘conservative’ in ideology have come to trust Harper, at least compared to the current leadership of the Opposition. His image has morphed from stoic and aloof to not-as-stoic and confident. Under Harper, Canada has survived the global economic meltdown with the least amount of damage, but we aren’t out of the woods yet.

The cries that the Conservatives have ‘destroyed our international reputation as a leading peace-keeping nation’ have been drowned out by our pride and support for our brave Armed Forces personnel, fighting alongside our American brothers and sisters in Afghanistan since the beginning of the War on Terror and now participating in the Libya coalition.

The only people whose believe Canada’s ‘international reputation’ has suffered are radical Islamists and CBC commentators.

The fact is, Canada has risen to a higher level of prominence under Stephen Harper’s Tories. Upgrading and strengthening our military, standing strong against global terrorism, proud and clear public reconfirmation of Canada’s alliance with Israel when to rest of the world neo-anti-Semitism is the new chic, conveniently having the Great Waffler Obama as your next door President, all of this has given Canada a new image as a nation ready and willing to play with the Big Boys.

On the economy, while many fiscal conservatives have not been impressed with the apparent Spending Flu the government has suffered, as the numbers still aren’t great, they are getting better and most of us want to let Harper finish the job he started.

But Ignatieff, socialist NDP leader Taliban Jack Layton, and the one-province example of Marxism also known as the separatist Bloc Quebecois under Gilles Duceppe wrote off our lack of enthusiasm to spend millions on an election without an issue as ‘voter apathy’, and decided they knew best.

They are trying to play up what they call ‘scandals’, such as the Bev Oda affair. Who is Bev Oda, you ask? You mean, you don’t know? Don’t feel too bad. Neither did more than 75% of the respondents to that very question in several recent polls. Plus, Adscam has had a surprisingly long shelf-life.

Strike One.

They will say this government had lost the confidence of the House because they ‘lied about the cost of the F-35 fighter jets’ on order. Go figure – you can always trust the socialists to oppose any upgrade to our Armed Forces.

Strike Two.

Remember the coalition, that post-election threat by the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc to form a coalition to steal the reins of government away from the just-democratically elected minority Tories? Technically, it’s still in effect. When heading to the polls, Canadians would be wise to remember that the threat of a Prime Minister Michael Ignatieff with Bob Rae as Minister of Finance (remember Ontario?), enviroNazi Jack Layton as Minister of Natural Resources (goodbye, Alberta!), and separatist Duceppe as Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs is real.

Strike Three.

Half-way through the current economic recovery plan, engaged in military action on two-fronts, a stronger international image, a trustworthy image from Harper, voter anger over an unneeded, unwanted, and expensive election…it all adds up to a Conservative majority.

It would serve Iggy and the Coalition right.


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