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Toronto Sun Puts the 'Ass' in Classless

It is certainly no surprise that the expulsion of Tory Helena Guergis from the federal Conservative cabinet has given the national leftwing media entities much fodder to fill their pages and airtime.  Also not surprising is the 'double-standard' debate reigniting: if Guergis was a Liberal, would the media be giving her the TMZ treatment?

Make no mistake - I am not defending Helena Guergis or her equally pratfall-prone husband Rahim Jaffer for their actions, whether they have been made public or not.  When Prime Minister Stephen Harper flips from supporting you to giving you the boot, I have to believe the reasons are more than warrented.

What is shocking is what I saw on the cover of the Toronto Sun:

Image placeholder title

Garbage journalism at it's best. 

The political bias of the Toronto Sun is no surprise to anyone in Canada, but this goes beyond politcal opinion.

Would they have dared equate a female leftwing politican to a 'dog'?  Of course not.  Could you imagine the outcry from women's rights groups if a rightwing publication printed a picture of New Democrat Olivia Chow, calling her a dog?  The walls would be on fire over that.

The brass at the Toronto Sun have managed once again to lower the bar.  They have reached a new personal worst.

Simply classless.


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