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Top Republican Pollster Predicts Clinton Landslide

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A poll released by the Emerson College Polling Society predicts Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will win the Nov. 8 election in a landslide. The report, released a day before the election by the conservative-leaning polling society, comes amid a tightening in the race between Clinton and her Republican challenger, Donald Trump.

According to ECPS, Clinton is projected to win 323 electoral college votes, including the perennial swing states of Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Colorado. Trump is projected to win 215 electoral college votes -- picking up the swing state of Ohio.

FiveThirtyEight has hedged its predictions for Clinton’s victory. The site projects Clinton will win 297.2 electoral college votes against Trump’s 240.1. The site does predict that Clinton will carry Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Colorado and New Hampshire. Trump is expected to win Ohio by a margin of 1.9 percent of the popular vote.

“After hundreds of millions of dollars and untold man hours, and woman hours, of campaigning, it would be fitting if the entire country broke into a chorus of ‘It’s beginning to look like 2000,’ in the two states that matter most, Florida and North Carolina,” Peter Brown, director of the Quinnipiac University Poll said, reports The New York Times.

But Jefrey Pollock, a pollster with the pro-Clinton superPAC Priorities USA, still predicts a Clinton win. “While things might have gotten tighter, the fundamentals of a Clinton victory are still strong,” Pollock said, reports Politico.

“So far, in two years, I’ve been right and they’ve been wrong,” Trump said of the pundits during a Minnesota rally on Nov. 6. “We’re going to have some surprise on Tuesday.”

But for Clinton, who will be watching election results from the Javits Center in New York City, the end of this campaign is finally in sight. “I think we can all agree, it’s been a long campaign.” 

Sources: Emerson College Polling Society, FiveThirtyEight, The New York Times, Politico / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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