Chuck Grassley, Republicans Suggest Immigration Reform Inspired By Boston Attacks


After failing to pass an alternative gun control bill on Wednesday, Senator Chuck Grassley unveiled new immigration legislation that influenced by the Boston Bombings.

Grassley stated that the attacker’s immigration status could “shed light on the weaknesses of our system”, though Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, is an American Citizen. Many reports claim that the brothers have been in the US for over a decade.

Senator Chuck Schumer, one of eight Republicans in a pact to filibuster Obama’s gun control legislation, criticized his collegues for tying the Boston events to Grassley’s proposal.

In a refreshing statement, Schumer asked that lawmakers not jump to conclusions: “This just emphasizes how important it is to allow the actual facts to come out.”

Republican Ann Coulter said the immigration reform proposed in Grassley’s bill would lead to “the end of America,” and accused pact member Marco Rubio of lying about secure borders and increased tax revenue promised by the bill.

Grassley’s proposal would boost border security and eventually grant citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants. Legislators have called for more hearings before the bill is voted on next month. 

Sources: Fox News, Huffington Post


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