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Top GOP Rep Eric Cantor Shuns 9-Year-Old Girl: 'I Can't Help You'

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the Virginia Republican who said recently that cutting the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as food stamps, by $40 billion will not affect any “law abiding” person, deceptively ignoring the fact that almost half of SNAP recipients are children, showed what he really thinks of children yesterday when bluntly told a 9-year-old girl, “I can’t help you.”

Watch the video of the second-most-powerful representative in the House giving the cold shoulder to Liz Marquez in a hallway of the congressional office building, below.

Perhaps in this case Cantor deserves some credit for honesty. The young girl was there to ask Cantor to help her father, an undocumented immigrant. Liz is a U.S. citizen, but she risks being permanently sent away from her dad if congress fails to move on an immigration reform bill.

But House Speaker John Boehner has refused to allow the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill to come to a House vote.

Unlike the painfully honest (at least in this case) Cantor, Boehner made his vow to tank immigration reform just hours after he was confronted by two teenagers who asked him to move the bill forward.

Boehner promised them he would, but shortly after the kids were out of earshot, he told the press, in effect, “just kidding!”

In the encounter recorded in the below video, young Liz Marquez can get out only one word — “please” — before Cantor brushes by her without so much as making eye contact, telling her, “I can’t help you.”

Cantor then adds, gratuitously, “Good to see you.”

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