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Top Atheist Group Started Because of Abortion Rights

MADISON, WI-- According to the December 2009 edition of the Isthmus, the Freedom From Religion Foundation began in Madison in 1976 after the founders saw Christians opposing abortion at legislative meetings at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

The founders, Annie Laurie Gaylor and mother Anne Gaylor, believed women were being treated unequally by being denied abortion rights. They then set out to destroy Christian freedoms.

They have become one of the top atheist groups in the world with 14,000 members. School age children are one of the primary targets, trying to stop the mention of God in schools.

They take legal action against city councils for saying a prayer before their meetings. They distribute posters and billboards throughout the United States that mock Christians and offer anti-God rhetoric.

They recently lost a lawsuit trying to stop "In God We Trust" at the U.S. Capitol visitor center in Washington, D.C.

Currently, they are working on lawsuits against the National Day of Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and they are trying to stop tax deductions for clergy housing.

Gaylor's husband, Dan Barker, who claims to have been a believer before becoming an atheist, says in the Isthmus article, "What's wrong with stirring things up? Isn't that the point of free dialogue and free speech? We want to be a part of the quilt that makes America America."

This atheist group tries to look as if they are tolerant of others' beliefs, but they use doublespeak. They say they are tolerant, but they try to take away the free speech rights of Christians.

Ironically, atheists are able to freely speak because the U.S. founding fathers created documents that were based on a person's freedom under God.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and Underground Apologetics are both located in Madison, Wisconsin. Both organizations use the same post office near the Wisconsin State Capitol.

However, the organizations are promoting opposite causes. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is anti-God and Underground Apologetics is trying to help others discover God's promises.

Underground Apologetics, which operates, is growing every day. Steve McConkey, Underground President, says, "We need to pray and not react in anger. God is still in control. History teaches us that wherever religious freedoms are taken away, dictators reign as in Cuba, China, Hitler's Germany, and the ex-Soviet Union. There is still hope, even for atheists."

Conclusion: Keep saying Merry Christmas!


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