Abortion Rate in NYC a Staggering 41%


Late last week, New Yorkers learned the crushing news that in 2009 the Big Apple had an abortion rate of 41%.  In other words, in 2009, four out of ten children were denied the right to life in New York City. And if you happened to be African-American, it was statistically more likely that you would be aborted than born in 2009 (60% of black children were aborted).

These numbers are staggering, even to abortion advocates. One pro-choice New Yorker had this to say, “The rate reflects an epidemic of irresponsible sexual behavior that has serious social and economic impacts… When you consider that nationwide, about a quarter of pregnancies end in abortion, it’s clear that New York City has too many men and too many women who are engaging in sex without thinking through the consequences.” The title of her article was “You don’t have to be anti-choice to believe far too many abortions are performed in New York.”

In truth any abortion is one too many. Abortion not only takes the innocent life of a defenseless baby growing in its mother’s womb but scores of studies continue to show that this violent procedure also deeply wounds the mother psychologically and physically.

Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) are one of the few groups who work to decrease the number of abortions in New York City by tirelessly (and gratuitously) helping women who are facing unexpected pregnancies. Sadly and ironically these very groups are now the political target of an anti-life piece of legislation introduced by New York City’s Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D) and Councilwoman Jessica Lappin (D) and written by NARAL New York. For more information on NYC Bill 371 and to sign a petition opposing this bill click here: www.savethelifecenters.com.


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