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Toni Smith, Manhattanville College Women's Basketball Player - 7 Years After The Fact

Several of you might remember Toni Smith, a star player from the Manhattanville College women's basketball team. If you don't exactly remember the name, perhaps you will recognize what she's become so infamous for. 

In 2003, her silent yet peaceful protest against the corruption and inequalities within the American system became the forefront of news stories nationwide. As she stood on the court facing away from the flag during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner before every game, she indeed drew some undue attention to herself, which was not her intention at all. 

This brave young woman went through so much to make her statement. She was confronted by a Vietnam veteran in one game (which she stood up to him and held her ground while he was ejected from the vicinity), and she endured ostracism from her own teammates and school for her brave act. She had those that stood up for her as well, and her right to freely express herself. 

As we move into the era where political corruption is at an all-time high, with the corrupt Obama administration and the extreme liberals that are currently in charge of both houses, things are getting very ugly. Furthermore, there is nothing being done to address the discrimination against gays, non-Christians, and other minority groups in America, and the inequalities within the American system keep expanding and getting more unequal. 

I don't know where Smith is now, but to her, I say, "Good for you. I think I'll just follow in your footsteps." I'll never forget what she did, because I see it as one of the most patriotic displays I've ever come across.

Yes, I believe that turning away from the flag can be a very valid sign of patriotism. When we do so, we express our disgust with the inequalities and corruption within the American political system, and our desire for change. Perhaps it's time we all bring out our inner patriot and face away from the flag, and maybe, just maybe, someone on capital hill will notice our disgust and do something about it.


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