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Tipper Over and other Random Rants

While it was obvious that President Obama's popularity had no where to go but down, what is interesting is how the crash is unfolding.  Like the man behind the curtain in the Land of Oz, Obama has been exposed.  All teleprompter-fed sizzle, absolutely no steak.  While he plays the finger-pointing game (what is the statute of limitations on blaming Bush for everything?) to avoid having to make a decision, people are beginning to wonder what will be more devastated by the oil leak - the environment, or Obama's reputation......Obama's mishandling of the BP oil leak makes Bush look like a superhero over the Katrina affair......with the left in charge of the main stream media and the White House, it is no surprise that the overwhelming reaction to Israel's raid on the flotilla was one of condemnation.  These days it's hip to side with agents of terror over democratic allies......I've said it before and I'll say it again: if Alberta's Wildrose Alliance places many more 'disgruntled former Progressive Conservatives' in important positions, the public will have difficulty distinguishing them from the ruling P.C.s......great quote by a citizen of Tel Aviv, Israel yesterday on the site Atlas Shrugs:"I'm calling for an international inquiry commission to get to the bottom of what on earth led the US to build the World Trade Center smack in the middle of Al Qaeda's humanitarian peace flyby path, on 9/11"......a mosque? At Ground Zero?  Are you freakin' kidding me?......Canada's govermnent has reaffirmed it's commitment to pull our troops out of Afghanistan in 2011.  A Taliban spokesperson laughed hysterically and is reported to have said: 'they put a time limit on a war? Really?'......Dutch politician/FITNA film maker Geert Wilders - who is known for warning the free world of the dangers of radical Islam - is rumored to be in line for a cabinet position in his country's government. Another example of how other parts of the world have come to accept the seriousness of Islamic fascism better than North Americans......there is a group of gay Canadians who protest against what they call 'Israeli apartheid'.  The obvious irony is that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where they wouldn't be slaughtered for being homosexual......the U.N. approved sanctions against Iran.  To see how effective the move will be, see: North Korea, Iraq,......If - IF - the Republicans can conjure up a quality presidential candidate, Obama's nickname 'The One' could easily refer to his total number of terms......big controversy in Canada regarding Taliban and al Qaeda P.O.W.s.  Allegations are, after our Forces handed over some detainees to Afghan officials, the terrorist combatants were subjected to torture.  The question on the table is, what did the governent know?  My question is, who the hell cares?  They're terrorists......the Gore's have split up.  Unvarified rumors suggest strife ever since Al's carbon emissions caused Tipper to place a Parental Advisory label on the bathroom door......


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