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Time Magazine Calls Gov. Chris Christie 'Elephant,' Outrage Follows

The new cover of Time magazine features New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) in a profile shot with the caption: “The Elephant in the Room.”

Apparently, the title is supposed to be a joke about the GOP, Gov. Christie being a moderate in his conservative party and his well-known weight.

According to, many people on both sides of the political fence have slammed Time on Twitter for "fat shaming."

However, an article inside Time by Republican and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough actually compares to Gov. Christie to former GOP Presidents Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower.

Scarborough writes, "Eisenhower and Reagan had more in common with Christie than with Ted Cruz. Ike and Reagan knew how to win and how to govern, and they bent history to their will by appealing not just to a narrow slice of America but to the nation--even the world--as a whole."

However, one of Gov. Christie's potential rivals for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, Sen. Rand Paul, played down Gov. Christie's appeal on "The Steve Malzberg Show" on

"The road to the nomination for a moderate is actually pretty difficult because a lot of the Republican primaries are very conservative," said Sen. Paul. "And so, someone who's most well-known for grabbing up federal money as much as they can get, probably that kind of attitude may or may not go off so well in a Republican primary."

Sen. Paul also insisted that Ken Cuccinelli could have become governor of Virginia if the GOP establishment had backed him.

"Cuccinelli could have won if everybody had stuck with him," added Sen. Paul. "He got very darn close, people were coming his way. He just didn't have any money in the end. This came from pressure from some establishment Republicans who don't like conservatives, and that's a disappointment because he really could have won... He was right there on the edge."

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