Time for a National Debate on Abortion


Today is March for Life Day in Canada, which sees the old abortion debate brought back to the forefront.

Canada is one of, if not the only, nation in the free world that allows women to have the procedure right through to the last month.  Conventional thinking has been that the subject was off limits.  No sitting government dare bring the issue up in Parliament, Conservatives included.

Many pro-lifers have kept quiet - or been shut up. The accepted and cliche beliefs are that it's a woman's choice, it's a done deal, and that is that.

But according to a recent survey that has many Pro-choice groups and national left wing media outlets astonished, the Canadian public doesn't agree.  That, it seems, is not that after all.

The numbers show that, in stark contrast to what has long been assumed, many Canadians want at least a national discussion on the issue.  The long-standing policy of unrestricted abortion is something millions of Canadians do not support.  And while pro-abortion critics will reel out their default attacks - it's a woman's choice, it's a woman's body, only 'right wing Christians' are on the other side, etc., that is not accurate.

On a subject such as this, I can only speak for myself.  I am not what you can describe as a fundamental Christian.  My opposition to abortion is not solely rooted in Scripture or any strong fundamental Christian beliefs.  I am a very strong believer in free will and liberty, and feel that the less a government is involved in my life the better.

My first issue is with the terms themselves.  I don't buy into the pro-life vs. pro-choice idea.  That is a fabrication, a misdirection that those who support abortion have pushed to define the battle.  For the most part, isn't everyone pro-life and pro-choice?

Shed the window dressing and let's call it what it is: pro or anti abortion.

I am one of those who believes abortion should only be performed in extreme cases.  All too often the medical procedure is used under false pretences, or out-right birth control after the fact.

The current generation of teens are taught by their schools and by society at large not only that sex is okay, but to an extent, encouraged.  Explore, don't be ashamed of your body.  Our children dress like pimps and hookers as parents turn a blind eye or, even worse, encourage it, then feign shock and surprise when their little girl gets pregnant.

Off to the clinic we go.

My opposition to unfettered access to abortion has little to do with any Christian beliefs I may or may not have.  It has more to do with my belief that life begins not when a baby emerges from a woman's body, but at conception. 

It is not a bag of sugar or extra fat cells or a snow shovel a woman carries for nine months.  It is a developing human.  It is life.

The argument that it is a 'woman's choice' is very weak.  How can a woman be given the power to make such a vital and important choice of whether or not to let a baby live when she showed such poor decision-making skills that allowed her to become unexpectedly pregnant in the first place?

One of the more popular arguments from the pro-abortion side is that, with restriction on abortion, masses of abused women, all victims of rape and/or incest, will be lining our city's back alleys to get black market abortions.  This is beyond ridiculous.  While incidents of pregnancies due to such vile actions do occur, the impression is that somehow these will increase without the open abortion option.  Again, ridiculous.

The truth is many abortions in Canada are defacto post-coital birth control.  We have become a Wal-mart society.  Everything at our fingertips.  'Problems' such as becoming pregnant are easily solved by a quick trip to the clinic. 

Progressives have long thrown out the idea of being responsible for one's actions.  They don't like consequences, so they attempt to throw them away, ignore them.  Abortion is not a problem if you convince yourself the baby inside you isn't a life.

They can ramble on about how it's a woman's right to choose.  That would be acceptable if there was one life involved, but that is not the reality.

What is most troubling is the resistance to have an open, honest discussion on the issue.  It is understandable how those in favor of murdering their own unborn children wouldn't want that debate to happen.  For if it did, they might be forced to assume responsibility for their actions and their lives - and the lives of their future children.


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