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Tim Kaine Says Trump Envies Obama

Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia sparked controversy after accusing President Donald Trump of pulling out of the Paris Agreement out of his envy for his predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

"Why did Trump really walk away from #ParisAgreement?" Kaine, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's running mate in the 2016 presidential election, tweeted on June 2. "He’s surrounded by science deniers and fossil fuel junkies."

"POTUS jealous of Obama accomplishments," he added in another tweet. "But in the end, American innovative spirit is stronger than his insecurities."

Some applauded Kaine for making the point.

"I am glad someone finally said it," commented one person on The Hill's article about the tweet. "Trump has an obsession with Obama and has had one for some time."

"I believe it started when [Obama] put him in his place at the Washington Correspondents dinner back in 2013," said another. "[Obama] had the audacity to PUBLICLY call him out and show him for what he really is."

"I'd say it's rather on point," wrote one ABC News reader. "Trump wants to be #1, no one else can be better than him. Typical characteristics of [Narcissistic Personality Disorder]."

"I have to agree with Kaine," said another. "Revising Obama policies is all Trump has been doing. He hasn't accomplished any original ideas yet. Ideas of his like building the wall (forget Mexico paying) and banning Moslems have reached dead end. To compensate that and to look like he is doing something, he has to go fixing stuff, the existing policies."

However, others condemned Kaine for the remarks.

"Looks like [Kaine] has a Trump envy!" wrote one in response to Kaine's tweet. "Anyone that doesn't know why to walk away from #ParisClimateDeal shouldn't be in congress!"

"I don't think Trump is jealous," commented one person on The Hill's Facebook post. "He's just trying to move the country back to the center."

"Lol, you really believe this don't you," added a third. "Obama made fun of trump and like a boss came in and took his job lol."

"Sen. Tim Kaine, a Democrat," chimed in another. "I would expect this kind of partisan [judgment] from a party loyalist. However, his [judgment] is nothing more than his opinion and is rather sparse of fact supporting his belief."

"Senator Kaine, President Trump is embodiment of innovative spirit, spirit of entrepreneurship! He earned his $ in private sector!" shot back another on Twitter.

Sources: Tim Kaine/Twitter (23), The Hill, ABC News, The Hill/Facebook / Photo credit: Disney/ABC Television Group/Flickr

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