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3 Secret Service Cars Follow Tiffany Trump As She Shops (Photo)

Tiffany Trump might keep a lower profile than her older siblings, but that doesn't mean that the secret service does not have to accompany her everywhere she goes. 

The first daughter was spotted in New York City on April 11, flanked by three cars full of agents while she did some shopping, reports the Daily Mail.

The 23-year-old model wore casual clothes and a $560 pair of Dior sunglasses -- the same that her sister, 35-year-old Ivanka Trump, was spotted wearing the week earlier -- as she walked around Manhattan on the warm spring day. Plainclothes agents accompanied her on foot, while the three vehicles stayed close as she made purchases at stores such as Rag and Bone.

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Tiffany has remained relatively quiet since her father's inauguration in January and only made her first public White House appearance days before on April 6 at a Wounded Warriors event, notes AOL.

Unlike Ivanka, Tiffany spends most of her time in New York, living in a Trump property and reportedly has no interest in getting into politics.

"Tiffany looks up to Ivanka but she is not angling for any kind of White house role like Ivanka has," a source who said they were close to Tiffany told People magazine. "She interned for Warby Parker last summer and she is interested in fashion but she is carefully choosing her next move and doesn't appear to be rushing in any particular direction. At one point she was studying for the LSAT but it's unclear if she has concrete plans for law school."

Ivanka has become a federal employee, taking on the role of an official but unpaid adviser to her father, President Donald Trump.

"Tiffany is younger and still figuring out what she wants to do ... but when her dad calls upon her, she always tries to accommodate," the source explained. "Of course he hasn't called upon her that much, but she's happy to help when he does, like giving the RNC speech."

Tiffany and Ivanka reportedly remain close, even though they reportedly do not keep in touch as much as they did before their father became president and moved to the White House. However, her father's presidential campaign brought the two much closer together, the source said.

"[President Trump and Tiffany] also traveled together a lot on the campaign," they explained, "That was a really meaningful time for Tiffany because they got some one-on-one time on the private plane. It's actually some of the only time she's ever been alone with him as an adult."

Sources: Daily Mail, AOL, People / Photo credit: Trump/Instagram

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