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White House Sells Misspelled Tickets

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The White House captured attention after selling misspelled State of the Union Address tickets for Jan. 30.

The sergeant-at-arms of the House of Representatives, who is responsible for printing and distributing the tickets, accidentally called the event the "State of the Uniom," reports WXIA.

Many were quick to point out the typo, including Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.

"Looking forward to tomorrow’s State of the Uniom," Rubio joked on Twitter.

While tickets were corrected and redistributed typo-free, the internet is having a field day with the error.

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The typo delighted many, inspiring a wide range of "The state of our union is strong" jokes on Twitter.

"The stat of the uniom is string," tweeted one.

"The strate of thuh uniom is strugh," added another.

Although it was not President Donald Trump's fault, others used the opportunity to poke fun at the commander in chief and his administration.

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"It's the best misspelling," commented one person on 11Alive's Facebook share of the incident. "The greatest. Everyone loves my misspelling. I have all the best people misspelling. I misspell more than any other President. Bigly!!"

"Just received my ticket for the State of the Union," tweeted Democratic Rep. Raul Manuel Grijalva of Arizona. "Looks like [Betsy DeVos] was in charge of spell checking…"

However, not everybody who responded seemed amused.

"The dumbing down of America's leadership," commented one person on 11Alive's Facebook share of the incident. "It looks correct, right, well let it go."

"This sums up the [Donald Trump] presidency #Uniom," added another on Twitter.

It's not the first time a spelling error from Washington, D.C., has taken the nation by storm.

Trump's inauguration poster read, "No dream is too big, no challenge is to great," with the second "o" missing from the second "too," Fortune reports.

Shortly after, the White House misspelled British Prime Minister Theresa May's name three times, calling her "Teresa May" --  which is also the name of a porn actress.

A little while later, the White House Snapchat account referred to Betsy DeVos as the "Secretary of Educatuon" on Snapchat before writing they hoped Trump's Israel visit would "promote the possibility of lasting peach."

The last mistake in particular seemed to upset the nation.

"You couldn't make this sh*t up if you had to," wrote one person in The Hill's comments section, echoing the sentiments of many.

"While funny (and persistent), unfortunately, our children's education may be damaged for a generation or more by this shenanigans," added another.

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