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Thousands of Gun Owners Wait in Line for Hours to Buy Ammo (Video)

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Thousands of people lined up for hours outside the Cal Expo in Sacramento, Calif., this past weekend to buy ammunition at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show (video below).

“We got here at 5:45 a.m.,” one gun owner told CBS Sacramento. “We were 64th and it took us 3.5 hours.

“I was planning on buying some ammunition around here but the line actually wrapped around the building,” said gun owner Galen Miller. “When they talk about all this stuff going on and the bans I think to myself I need to get some ammo now before it’s gone."

However, there have not been any bans proposed on ammunition, only on assault rifles and large magazines, but that didn't stop the long lines, reports AllVoices.com.

“What many people are coming for is ammo because there isn’t any available in the traditional channels,” said gun show owner Bob Templeton. “We can all agree we need to keep guns out of the hands of people with mental health issues or people who are felons or who are predisposed to violence."

Sources: CBS Sacramento and AllVoices.com


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