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Police Receive Nice Note From Restaurant Patrons (Photo)

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A pair of customers left a surprising note for a group of Colorado State Patrol Officers at a restaurant in Adams County, Colorado.

According to KUSA, the officers found a note meant for them that read:  "Dear CSP Officers, breakfast is on me.  Thank you for all you [do] in keeping us safe.  Please have a safe day." 

The note is signed, "Alyssa & Justin." 

Alyssa then indicates that she is "the girl in the purple Rockies shirt," and signs the note with the hashtag #alllivesmatter.  

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One of the troopers posted the note to Twitter, where it has since gone viral.  

"Very cool!" one user wrote.  

"Can you say where this was?" another asked.  

The incident occurred at Westy Cafe, according to the CSP Public Affairs Twitter page. 

Sources: KUSA, CSP Public Affairs Twitter / Photo credit: Highway Patrol Images/Flickr​

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