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Evidence Surfaces Regarding Obama's Trump Wiretap

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There might be sufficient evidence after all to support the claim that President Donald Trump was wiretapped by former President Barack Obama.

Sources within the counterintelligence community revealed that there were to requests made by the FBI during the Obama administration regarding Trump -- one in particular that named him personally which was denied by the Foreign Intelligence Act Court due to insufficient probable cause. 

The second was granted four months later, and the FBI was allowed to examine Trump's ties to Russia during the campaign, the Washington Examiner reported. 

CNN reported that while Trump and Obama have not spoken since the inauguration, their advisers have been in communication.

Reince Priebus, Trump's chief of staff, reportedly spoke to former Obama Chief of Staff Denis McDonough regarding the wiretap claims since Trump first brought them to light on Twitter.

"There is dialogue," a source familiar with the conversations told CNN. Obama was reportedly "exasperated" in response to Trump's thus-far unsubstantiated claims of wiretapping. His reaction was reportedly not one of fury or outrage, despite some media outlets claiming differently.

The tensions regarding Trump and Obama come after a "warm" relationship developed between the two leading up to Trump's inauguration. 

Since the allegations were presented by Trump, Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, have mostly laid low -- though they were spotted at the National Gallery of Art in D.C. taking a private tour. 

Vice President Mike Pence was asked about the wiretapping claims during an interview, and avoided saying definitively if he backed thepPresident's claims.

"What I can say is that the president and our administration are very confident that the congressional committees in the House and Senate that are examining issues surrounding the last election, the run-up to the last election, will do that in a thorough and equitable way," Pence said, The Hill reported.

"They'll look at those issues, they'll look at other issues that have been raised."

Pence said the administration was more concerned with issues facing the American people.

"Rest assured our focus is right where the American people are focused and that's on bringing more jobs here to Ohio," he said, "creating a better healthcare system built on consumer choice."

Many readers felt as though Trump was using the wiretapping claims to point attention away from his alleged relationship with Russia.

"Trump's ridiculous tweets are failing to deflect away from the obvious, and Pence isn't about to go down with the ship. Trump has more Soviet loving Russians on his staff than Putin himself does," one reader commented on The Hill's story. 

Sources: Washington Examiner, CNN, The Hill / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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