The United States Imports Terrorism

The United States States State Department has changed the status of the Palestinian Authority (PA)/Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Mission from a "bureau" to that of a "general delegation." 

This grants diplomatic immunity to its delegation staff. 

The organization, which has recognized terrorist ties, also has the same status in Canada and some European countries.

The most bothersome feature of this recognition is the distinct possibility that future delegation members can be terrorists who enter the United States legally, commit terrorist acts, and quietyly be allowed to leave without penalty because of diplomatic immunity.

The PA/PLO has an extensive history of recognizing the "heroism" of people who deliberately murder old people, women, and children around the world. 

Their leader is known for writing a PhD dissertation that denies the Holocaust. We do not need to recognize or legitimize these folks. 

People can follow the activities of terrorists on websites such as www.thereligionofpeace.com


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