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The Truth About Oil Damage

In 1964 Ronald Reagan said, “The problem with liberals is not that they are ignorant, the problem

is that they know so much that is not so.”

Liberals know so much that is not so about oil drilling, it could fill a large book. The liberals spread

these myths to stop oil drilling in Alaska. The San Francisco Chronicle is one of the biggest spreaders

of oil mythology. It is time to tell the truth about oil.

One of the liberal myths about oil is that oil spills damage the environment. We can look at history

and discover that no oil spill has caused long-term damage to the ecology or the environment. Santa

Barbara, California, had one of the largest oil spills in history. Today you can visit the city and its

beaches, and you would never know a spill took place. The Exxon Valdez sunk off the coast of Alaska,

no sign of damage today. The real proof is that during World War II, thousands of ships were sunk off

coasts all over the world, no sign of damage today. Over twenty ships were sunk in Pearl Harbor, no

signs of damage today.

The evidence is overwhelming. Oil has been flowing out of the center of the earth under the sea

for thousands of years. It has been shown on underwater cameras on the Discovery Channel. The oil

dissipates. Do I have to repeat the obvious? There is no long-term damage from oil spills.

Today, the oil companies have technology that reduces the chances of oil spills, and it also has

much better clean up procedures. No one should fear oil spills. If the media told the truth, they would

help educate America about the lack of danger. Instead, they lie and distort.

Another myth is that oil spills will kill animal species. This is an easy one to dispel. Ask an

environmentalist to name a single species that no longer exists because of an oil spill. They can’t

name any. Do animals die when an oil spill occurs? Yes. Is it more important for America to gain more

oil independence or to save a few animals? The answer is obvious. The truth is that animal species

are thriving around oil drilling in Alaska. The liberal Leslie Stahl proved this on 60 Minutes several years ago.

Would she lie? Don’t answer that. This time she was not lying.

The truth is, oil spills cause no long-term damage. Spills do not kill off animal species. The chance

of oil spills is greatly reduced by new technology. There is no reason not to drill for oil anywhere. Now

you know the truth. Go out and educate America.


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