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While there are a few "truths" that are agreed upon by most human beings (the planets in our solar system orbit the sun, the earth is not flat), even these ideas were at one time new; and were challenged, often to the peril of those who first professed to believe them.

Having reached my 50's, I've developed a significant humility about what I believe to be "TRUE". As I listen to/read people's statements about "THE TRUTH", I realize that what is being said (while real and valid to that individual) is in fact merely that person's PERCEPTION of the truth. I think that all too often we humans forget this. We actually come to believe that our view on an issue, the "facts" we profess, our opinions and beliefs are "THE TRUTH".

More importantly, we forget how much we really DON'T KNOW with any certainty. In our ego's need to be right and our emotional need for certainty, we have little tolerance for ambiguity. Our opinions/perceptions/beliefs and "The Truth" become one and the same. As a result, "Opposing Views" can be so threatening to us that we become hostile and don't even listen to each other. Discussions descend into angry, unproductive arguments. 

I believe that speaking with a little humility and listening with an open mind is the best way to learn "THE TRUTH".


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