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The Senate Bill is All That Matters

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The unconstitutional “Slaughter Solution” is designed to accomplish two goals.  Liberal Democrats hope to absolve themselves of their vote for the Senate bill, and hide the Senate bill behind their wish list in the process.  Technically, they won’t be voting on the Senate bill, but they are voting to pass it.  Their legislative “fixes” are a separate issue.  If Pelosi follows through with this tactic, then the members of Congress will essentially be simultaneously voting on multiple bills.  The Senate bill, which will become law, and the House amendments which will at minimum face incredible delays in the Senate, and may ultimately perish altogether.

If the Democrats use the Slaughter rule, and actually have the 216 votes they need, then the Senate bill, and only the Senate bill, will become law.  Nothing will have been changed.  There is no future guarantee anything will be changed.  A vote under Slaughter is a vote for the “Corn-husker Kickback;” it is a vote for the “Second Louisiana Purchase;” it’s a vote for “Gator-Aide.”  Every Congressman who chooses to support this bill on Sunday will be giving his personal endorsement to each and every one of the bribes and backroom deals in that legislation.

These Congressmen may claim that they supported “fixes” that would have made the legislation better.  That is nonsense.  They know exactly what the results of their vote this weekend will be.  They know that their “fixes” mean nothing.  The reconciliation package isn’t going to sail through the Senate.  And even if it is debated, what incentives do the unethical Senators who sold their votes have to simply give up their hard-earned payout?  What incentive does the Senate have not to strip out the deals that Pelosi secured for critical votes?  I wouldn’t be surprised if Reid simply chose not to play ball. He got what he wanted, and the public is ready for that magical buzzword, “jobs.”

Meanwhile, the rest of us will be stuck with an unconstitutional bill “passed” through an unconstitutional process.  We’ll have higher premiums while the country is damned to bloating deficits that will hasten our current rush towards national insolvency.  Standards of care will quickly fall.  Businesses will opt for the fine over insuring their employees sending millions to the “exchanges.”  In short order, this bill will destroy health care in the United States.  But hey, at least Obama gets his monument.

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