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The red sea scare!

The USA need not worry about it's enemies, the real scare comes from within. The Obama regime wants to close gitmo and is sending the terror inmates to countries all over the world. The Obama people wants to show the world how we forgive and forget the sins of our enemies. Obama wants to show the "love" we have for terrorists, treat them with love and respect and maybe they will realize the error of there ways. "Bulls--t"!  Case in point, I just came across a news release from reuters  news service stating that: Al Queda is calling for a holy war and jihad from Yemen, they want to close the Red sea to all Israeli shipping.  The person behind this is the deputy commander in yemen, a person known as sherhi, get this,  A FORMER GITMO INMATE released by the Obama administration. Who needs enemies when we have Obama at the helm!


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