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Orly Taitz and the Race that will Keep Running

In California's June 8th primary there was a race that I am sure will continue to be in the news right through November: the Republican race for Secretary of State.

Orly Taitz, the original birther herself, ran for Secretary of State, and while she garnered a mere 25% of the Republican vote (losing to her opponent), she is suing him, charging that he is not qualified to run against her. The court has yet to rule on this.

I am a little concerned, if she should win. Because of a court ruling, when would she have time to run a campaign against the democratic incumbent? She would surely never have time to devote to the state -- as in being able to do the job of Secretary of State, she has several other lawsuits where she is not only the attorney of record but also the plaintiff.

Normally nobody really notices who runs for Secretary of State. Orly Taitz has changed all that. Now we look and smirk! As Californians, we take heart. We know that if Orly Taitz can run, there is hope for us all, we too can hold public office, there are no limitations. As a Democrat I am so proud Orly Taitz is a Republican!


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