The News is Contaminated

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Infected void of empathy, misleading, cold, mean spirited, opinion laden.

I'm sure you could add quite a few to that list. but, Once upon a time we could almost Trust the News, and almost what anyone said on TV or Radio for the most part. I remember Walter Cronkite, Reported The News. We had shows like Meet the Press, It was informal other than they wore a coat and tie. If you were interested in the issues, these shows were what was available. If you wanted to stay up to date on important current affairs. You read News papers, heard the News on the radio it was almost always to the point, just the facts, for the most part. Pretty much expecting to be informed of coming invasions from get the point. The News media's competition was, who could report it first, .....then along comes the internet.  We could chat with people around the world, it was so much fun.   Now the news of current events were available real time. What happens to the competition between networks, radio? 

     The News was turned into a Circus, with entertainers to get the people to watch their show so they can get money from advertisers, who sell us products that kill us.

     Then we have the War in the Gulf.   Then due to the fact many Americans have loved ones in the fight we became glued to the TV, and Radio. That is when, we got this disease. 

The people in TV and Radio, and the people that make the stuff kills us. They found that if they twisted their version of the News to appeal to a certain market they could control us. Sell us not only more stuff that kills us, but control what we ,buy, think, say, and do.  They are doing it everywhere, not just the USA. It's pretty bad when we can't trust the News to be The News.

Disclaimers and Accreditation should be run before any broadcast of The News, and any of the Political Hacks that have shows broadcast in this country. Better yet make these people move their commentary to satellite radio, with creepy Howard Sterns Porn Radio where they belong. I wonder how many would pay cash for their trash.   Let the Folks in the Ghetto's and Trailer parks hear and see the News plain and simple. These folks many without satellite radios,cable TV, and or internet access. Get what is broadcast, which in some rural areas might be "one" network.

Syndicated Radio how can that be good?.The word syndicated makes me think of Al Capone.


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