The Midnight Ride of Palin’s Revere


The Midnight Ride of Palin’s Revere
(an homage to Henry Wadsworth Longellow's poem, "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere") 

Copyright, Mark Tyne, 2011


Listen my children and you shall hear

Of the midnight ride of Palin’s Revere

On the second of June, in two ought one one,

Not a school child stopped giggling at Palin’s conundrum.

In a fit patriotic showing colors don’t bleed

Sara spoke of the ride of Paul’s lightning fast steed,

Said Revere warned the British by ringing those bells

And while riding his horse, through the hamlets and dells

Fired off warning shots (and bells), to make sure we’re all free

So we all can be armed as the bells ring tra-lee!

And the school kids fell silent, at this badly told tale,

Every one of them knew, Palin should be in jail

For forgetting the simplest of tales known by all

Of how Paul Revere rode to stop Concord’s great fall.

For the Brits were invading, but by land or by sea?

If the colonists knew, they could ambush them see?

No church bell was rung from the tower for a warning

It was one or two lamps in the bell tower’s adorning

‘Member “One if by land and two if by sea”?

Perhaps Sarah should have studied more diligently.

Sarah’s liberty bell trip might have caused her confusion

But her Paul Revere story was mostly illusion.

For the war was not fought for the right to bear arms.

But to free up the colonies from Britain’s great harm. 

‘Twas for national independence, revolution was struck

Not for bells ever tolling, and the right to bear glocks. 

The colonists were warned, not the British, by Paul.

Revolutionary colonists, don’t like England at all.

Brits invaded by sea, with a mighty dark ship

Two lights in the bell tower, set Revere on his trip.

Paul rode through the night, to warn coming invasion

And in his swift ride, held the fate of the nation

By midnight he warned colonists, in the small town of Medford

By one warned in Lexington, by two had warned Concord

And the Lexington colonists gathered with arms

And drove back the British with shots from their guns.

Revolution was on!  The first battle a win!

Thanks to Paul Revere’s ride, on that midnight quite dim.

And speaking of dim, back to Palin we go.

Where the children are mocking her confused tale of woe

For every child knows Paul Revere’s famous ride

Palin’s run Presidential should now be denied.


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