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IT seems Nostradamus was another Enoch or Ezekiel

If you go to the web site HIDDEN TEXTS of NOSTRADAMUS you will be amazed at not only the subjects covered (such as medicine and the connection between vaccinations and chemtrails), but also his discription of different fuels for the future, the truth about the Twin Towers (he says he was there in one of the orbs) and such things as Pluto being "demoted" - and thereal  reason for that.

He takes us down a narrow track to such things as a stargate (he calls it a stage gate) and that it has a "looking glass" which he describes as "snooped accurate"...and that really explains how he "forsaw" events right up to the fourth millenium.

Other subjects he describes are the Other Worlders, which he provided details of in a book he calls the QUARAN...he has an "attendant" who he names "UUILLIEM52" which is an eye opening coincidence, as the Roswell greys called themselves J-Rod52

One of his greatest concerns for the planet is the rate of defoliation of the forests - just where do humans think their oxygen comes from?  Do they think they can do without it? The expose on the Oil Spill was spot on, to the day and to the events including the poisoning of the oceans and the consequences.

He has provided a TIME TABLE for the Omens and Seals of the Bible, including the Rapture, Star Wars and for the ASTEROID-COMET-METEOR visits. He describes another Noah's flood and an ice age. In the work is a description on how to make manns for extreme survival.The reasons for the poles shifting and the consequent change in both the orbit of earth and the orbit of the moon.

These HIDDEN TEXTS have nothing in common with the quatrains. However - in the hidden texts he gives the key words to break the code of the quatrains as well...twice he has a giggle regarding "HOCUSSED HITLER". Just this last weekend, he gave the clues for the information to be found in the LOST MANUSCRIPT of CESAR. 

There is wonderful news too. His description of a GOLDEN HOST DOING and the AROMATIC TALL WHITES with the occasional team of Sephirot and Seraphim - (two different things, but both are "angels") - popping in is quite uplifting. 

It does take some clear thinking to be able to read the works, but everything is explained simply - (including the fact that it is all in English) - once our own lack of education can be hurdled.

The decoding of the 3774 lines (plus quatrains 11 and 12) is about 20% done. Nostradamus has given information regarding another decoder turning up in 2017, who is an astronomer (and he names her) and who will be able to make sense of the new astronomy following the poles shift. He also names his current decoders - Allan UUebber and Helen Parks, and names another two "heirs"

He says after 2013 there will be no fuel oil. However, so far, there have been five different sources of new clean power given in the work. 

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The illustration herein is explained in CESAR de NOSTREDAME - MANUSCRIPT FOUND on page 5 in the web site

H Parks


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