Why Does Biblical God Support Gay Rights? Natural Disasters


Those in the Christian right, who dominate political talk radio in America, really hate gays. They don't just hate homosexuality, they hate gays.

Well, an ultra right-wing talk show host named Lars Larson, who I called on air, had stated that gays in the military should not be allowed, because it is like being on drugs. In fact, he stated that a combat pilot who is gay, is like a combat pilot who is on cocaine. The discussion between him and I started because the U.S. Navy was set to allow chaplains to perform, if they chose, same-sex marriages, if those marriages were allowed in those states. (Note: The Gov. has now reversed itself.)

Of course, being gay does not harm one's ability to perform a combat mission, being high on cocaine does. Why I had to explain this to a host with close to 100 radio stations, I have no idea.

On a related note, Christian fundamentalists commonly state that tornados in Alabama and Oklahoma, or Hurricane Katrina hitting in southern Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and the gulf coast of Florida, are the wrath of their deity -- because he doesn't like gays. 

Of course, these parts of the nation are the most religious. The two U.S. senators from Oklahoma have displayed ultra anti-gay bigotry. Indeed, one of them boasted that there hasn't been any gays in his family. But again, what grandson or nephew would come out to him?

If this god has a position on gay rights and expresses it through natural disasters, well then the only logical conclusion is that the Christian god is very strongly pro-gay rights. After all, if he wasn't, he would be starting tornadoes in San Francisco and giant hurricanes in Vermont. Those who state that natural events are the wrath of their deity, are the same people who don't want evolution taught in classrooms.

They basically want magic taught instead of science. The magic of their god. This is the 21st century, not the 12th.


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