The Gavel Walk: An Attempt to Provoke the Tea Parties


Last Sunday, before the passage of Obama’s Health Care takeover, Democrat Congressmen did everything they could to provoke a reaction from the Tea Party protesters assembled around the Capitol.  The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) paraded through the crowds, cameras rolling and hoping to capture a racist comment.  Congressman Barney Frank apparently spent some time parading down the walkway surrounded by protesters hoping to get a reaction.  And finally, Speaker Pelosi, giant Medicare gavel in hand, walked smugly through the crowds with an envoy of reporters.  For all their effort, the Democrats were unable to extract anything other than cries of “Kill the Bill,” but that hasn’t affected the reporting.

Even after thoroughly discrediting Rep. Lewis’ claim that protesters shouted “the N-word” as he passed them, the AP continues to report allegations of racial epithets and spitting as fact.  Never mind that video of the incident doesn’t support the claims, and the Congressmen refused to press charges.  Never mind that if they actually had any evidence of racism or spitting, that’s all they’d be showing on MSNBC.  The Democrat-propagated storyline is “the Tea Parties are racist,” so that’s what gets reported.

There is no question the media has refused to “fact-check” assertions from Democrats.  If they actually cared about objectivity, then they would have at least asked the simple follow-up question: why won’t you release the video recording taken by your staff?  The answer is simple.  The Congressmen are lying.  It didn’t happen, yet the media reports it as fact.  I could cite numerous examples of the double standard between treatment of Liberals and Conservatives, but there is a much more important issue at hand.  Why were the Democrats trying to provoke the Tea Party?

There are far less flagrant ways to travel from the Congressional offices to the Capitol.  There was no reason to parade back and forth through the crowds.  The Democrats were trying to exploit the Tea Party’s anger, and hoped that someone would be foolish enough to “take the bait.”  Unfortunately, they seem to have forgotten that calling a person a racist doesn’t make him a racist.  The CBC can parade around all day, and they won’t hear racial epithets because racism is not the foundation of Tea Party dissent.  Unlike Democrats who are keen to subdivide the population and pit various groups against one another, the Tea Party is united around the issues.  They exist to defend our Constitution.  Since Democrats couldn’t get the footage they needed, they fabricated the story.  They did this because they view the Tea Party as the enemy.  To Democrats, the citizens that comprise the Tea Party are a threat that must be defeated by any means possible.

Pelosi is hoping to marginalize the Tea Party groups ahead of the November elections.  They know they voted against the will of the people when they passed the Senate Bill.  They can read the polls.  They know a majority of the country, 62% in fact, support Republican efforts to repeal the legislation.  This is damage control, but it’s failing.

The year-long windup revealed Pelosi’s complete lack of ethics.  It exposed the massive corruption that is synonymous with Liberalism.  If the debate hadn’t been so drawn-out, we wouldn’t have discovered the backroom deals until it was too late to share our displeasure.  Louise Slaughter wouldn’t have been compelled to propose the “Slaughter Solution” to destroy the remnants of our Constitution.  Thanks to “the ugly process,” their masks are off.  We know exactly how far they’re willing to go to get what they want.  And most importantly, Americans learned the importance of “defensive recording.”

I’m beginning to think Eric Schmidt might be a closet Conservative.  While the Google CEO has publicly given his support to the Democrats and was an “informal adviser” to Obama on the campaign trail, it is his company that has enabled the destruction of the Democrat party.  I’m talking about YouTube, the most popular video hosting site on the internet—at least in the United States.  Through YouTube, citizens across the nation have been able to reveal the truth about Democrats.  From the evidence of voter intimidation perpetrated by the new Black Panthers which was ignored by Holder to the ACORN video scandal and subsequent meltdown, everything is available.  Fact checking has become a part of our daily routine, and traditional media outlets have lost their ability to control the narrative.

That fundamental revelation is why Pelosi’s efforts are doomed to failure, and it demonstrates why the free flow of information is an essential component of a free society.  The Democrats are in for a harsh reality-check in November, and unlike previous elections, there’s nothing they can do to prevent it.  So much for the Liberals’ wish “to control the people.”

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