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The fallacy of the fake pro-peace by the warriors pro-violence "anti-war" "activists".

The fallacy of the fake pro-peace by the warriors pro-violence "anti-war" "activists".

The aggressive anti-war activists are divided (among other) into three main groups.


The sincere anti ALL Wars, whether it's by the US, UK, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Al Qaeda, Palestinians, Hezbollah, Iran, Communist China, N. Korea, etc.


I am still waiting for the anti-war demonstrations against the oppressive violent regimes of Islamic theocratic Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah... or against the facsist dictatorship in Syria.


Those that haven't realized yet that ALL violence should be rejected, whether it's by Islamists, by western defenders, and others, the typical anti-war activist that will only condemn the west, whether justifiable or not, whether the Islamists use civilians (like the ROUTINE by the Arab Palestinians and the Taliban) and cause MAIN civilian casualties, a vicious cult of crimes against humanity in sacrificing its own population so that they can appear as victims.


Guess what!

In what mask do anti Jewish racists cover their support for "Palestinian", Hezbollah and other Arab-Islamic genocidal campaign against Israeli Jews?

With a term so abused, the "peace" terminology, adopted by so many [de-facto] pro war, pro terror Palestinian typical activism.

It is so often to see rewriting history pieces by Pallywood "writers" and de-ligitimizing the history of Jews/Israel, Can someone in that camp explain to me, What on earth does this drive of hateful lies have to do with "peace?"

Speaking of history, can anyone tell me how many Arab lived in Israel in the 1800's before their masses of immigration came about, into the historic land of the Jews?

This anti-Israel movement within the "peace" movement, tries to ignore the bigger picture of the Goliath Arab Islamic monster (that has mostly cleansed Jews from their countries and is virtual anti-Jewish apartheid) that tries to wipe out little Israel (motivated by anti-Jewish racism, bigotry by Arabists &

Islamists), often using Palestinian & Hezbollah terrorists.

They even try to make appear those that call for Itbach Al Yahud (to kill all Jews, so typical heard by anti-Israel demonstrations) as "freedom fighters."

 When was the last time a real self examination was made at the  anti-war camp? or, if ever.


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