The Conservative War on Spanish and Other Languages


I was listening to conservative talk radio (I know, all talk radio is conservative) and the host stated that signs in Spanish at a computer store were politically correct.

He then stated that the little instruction to dial 1 for Spanish when you call for help is political correctness. A different conservative talk show host had said that language instruction in Spanish for Kindergartners was "political correctness."

These comment tell me two things, that the usage of the terms political correctness and politically correct are throw away lines that have no meaning to them other than showing disapproval of ideas ideas and beliefs to the left of Atilla the Hun.

Second, those on the right-wing really don't like languages other than English. I write this column in English because that is the language that I grew up with as part of my culture. If I grew up in France I would be writing in French.

If I grew up in Russia, I would be writing in Russian. Language to me is a means to communicate ideas. The language itself isn't that important other than as an effective means to communicate. To many conservatives though (not all) language is not just a means but also an end. It is as much a part of their cultural beliefs as the myths of their bible.

This isn't surprising because conservatism is dominated by people who believe in tradition, authority, nationalism and order along with other traditional conservative beliefs. In fact, these beliefs would be readily accepted in dictatorships such as China, which also adore order in their society.

I think one of the funniest things I have ever read was about a Christian conservative stating that English was good enough for him because Jesus spoke English in the bible. I think that belief (though a bit of a satire) does some up many people.


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