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The Bigger Picture

Everyone is clearly lining up on sides when it comes to the border killing in TX. While that is to be expected, what is unfortunate is that many people are only getting snippets of the whole story.

The teens that were throwing rocks at the American Border Patrol were folks that take money from Mexicans to get them across the border. No, they were not the big guys but they were the guys that create a diversion, as in throwing stones at the Border Patrol, in order for people to run across the border. Many times the Border Patrol are hurt in these cases. The teens that were throwing the rocks at the Border Patrol were doing so under the watchful eyes of the Mexicans border patrol. Once the American Border Patrol fired shots, they were meant with drawn guns from the Mexican border patrol.

Granted, the American Border Patrol shot and killed a Mexican teen. This is never a good thing. However, the teen did intend to harm the American Border Patrol. The teen was involved in border running. The teen did all this, rock throwing, without so much as a reprimand from the Mexican border patrol. When you play with fire long enough you will get burned. It is sad that a teen died. But it is just as sad that Americans are not standing behind their own Border Patrol.

Perhaps Jan Brewer, the AZ Governor, is very proud of this, she had to know, if she had any political savvy at all, that once the AZ immigration law passed, violence would surely escalate. We are now beginning to see the fruits of her labors. Take a bow Ms. Brewer, another child is laid to rest and another American is shamed, thank you for your thoughtful response to a delicate situation.


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