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"The Most Crooked" Candidates of 2010

A Washington, D.C. watchdog group called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is known for its yearly list of corrupt members of Congress. To make sure that list does not get any new

members, the group has come out with a list of the most crooked candidates running for office in 2010. See its web site for a full report with detailed analysis of the allegations against them. Here's the collection of non-incumbent candidates so far:

Roy Blunt: U.S. Senate Candidate, Missouri
Blunt is running in the Republican primary for the Senate in Missouri. He has been a congressman for the past 14 years, over which time he has been accused of various ethical violations. In fact, CREW called him one of the most corrupt members of Congress.

Charlie Crist: U.S. Senate Candidate, Florida
Crist is currently the governor of Florida. He left the Republican Party to run as an independent for the Senate. In his previous role as Attorney General, Crist was often accused of failing to investigate people with whom he had political ties.

Jeff Denham: U.S. House Candidate, California
Denham is currently a California State Senator since 2003. The Republican is accused of supporting a local Indian casino in exchange for the tribe's political support.

Alvin Greene: U.S. Senate Candidate, South Carolina
Greene came out of nowhere to win the Democratic primary for Senate. There are major questions about his campaign, mostly whether he is a Republicans plant. Greene, who faces obscenity charges for allegedly showing porn to a college student, denies that anyone got him into the race and is supporting him.

Timothy Griffin: U.S. House Candidate, Arkansas
Griffin is running as a Republican for a House seat from Arkansas. He is a protégé and former aide to notorious political operative Karl Rove. Some of Griffin's actions during the 2004 presidential election, in which he was the research director of the RNC, have been questioned.

J.D. Hayworth: U.S. Senate Candidate, Arizona
Hayworth is running against Sen. John McCain in the Republican primary in Arizona.  Hayworth served in the House for twelve years before losing his 2006 bid for reelection in part due to his ethics issues. He had extensive ties to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Ed Martin: U.S. House Candidate, Missouri
Martin was previously the Chief of Staff for former Republican Missouri Governor Matt Blunt.  After serving for a mere 15 months, Martin was forced to resign amid a controversy over covering-up incriminating emails and firing a state attorney who brought it to light.

Kendrick Meek: U.S. Senate Candidate, Florida
Meek is a Democratic Congressman from Florida who is running for Senate. Meek has been criticized for his relationship with developer Dennis Stackhouse, who is now awaiting trial for grand theft and organizing a scheme to defraud.

Dino Rossi: U.S. Senate Candidate, Washington
Rossi is running in the Republican Senate primary in Washington. He previously served as a state senator and twice ran for governor of Washington. He is a real estate developer whose relationships with other developers are in question.

Marco Rubio: U.S. Senate Candidate, Florida
Rubio is a candidate in the Republican primary for Senate from Florida. Rubio, who served eight years in the Florida House of Representatives, including two years as Speaker, is currently implicated in a federal criminal investigation for the misuse of Florida Republican Party credit cards during his time as Speaker.

Allen West: U.S. House Candidate, Florida
An Iraq War veteran, Lieutenant Colonel West is running as a Republican for a Congressional seat from Florida. West was stripped of his command and forced to resign for the assault on an Iraqi citizen during an interrogation.


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