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Text Message Ads Falsely Claim Pres. Obama "Supports Transgender Marriage"

Hundreds of voters (and children) are receiving unsolicited text messages that are urging them to vote against President Obama because he "supports transgender marriage." The text messages also falsely claim that “Obama stole $716 Billion in Medicare" and “Obama is using your tax dollars to fund… abortions." reports that the text messages include the following:

“Voting for Obama means voting for same-sex marriage."

“Obama stole $716 Billion in Medicare. We can't trust Obama to protect our seniors.”

“Obama is using your tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood and abortions. Is that right”

“VP Biden mocks a fallen Navy Seal during memorial. Our military deserves better.”

“Obama supports transgender marriage in America. Obamas values are just wrong.”

Among the recipients was the 13-year-old daughter of New York Times writer Jonathan Weisman, who tweeted, “Hey, not cool texting my daughter your little hit piece. I’d like you to stop it.”

His daughter received the message: “Obama denies protection to babies who survive abortions. Obama is just wrong.” does not claim that these messages were created or endorsed by Mitt Romney or his campaign, but does report that the text messages have come from email addresses including:,, and


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