Texas Voters 'Look Past' Trump's KKK Issue (Video)


Some Republican voters in Texas voted for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump in the March 1 primary despite his refusal to distance himself from white supremacist group Ku Klux Klan and its former leader David Duke on Feb. 28 (video below).

During a live report from Allen, Texas, CNN reporter Ed Lavender said:

"We spoke with one woman who was a Trump supporter until she heard that interview with you and changed her vote to [Sen.] Marco Rubio [of Florida].

"Several other people who voted for either [Sen.] Ted Cruz [of Texas] or Marco Rubio saying that they found Trump, in the words of one person, to be a 'scary candidate, someone who was disgusting, bringing disgusting rhetoric to the campaign,' that's what we heard on one side.

"We’ve also heard from a number of Trump supporters throughout the day when we asked them about these comments and this controversy, many of them shrugged it off, saying that it was something they were willing to look past because they felt that Donald Trump was the best candidate to change things up in Washington.

"And despite those comments that might have worried some of them, they said that they were willing to look past it and still vote for Donald Trump."

Rubio posted an open letter on his website on March 1 in which he called Trump "dangerous" and "a serious threat to the future of our party, and our country."

Rubio added: "I, like you probably, hoped and believed that our fellow Americans would see his cons for what they are, that slogans, celebrity, and tough-talking insults are not enough. But here’s the truth: Americans are scared and angry. And in far too many cases, Donald Trump has been preying on their fears and their insecurities, successfully."

Sources: CNN via YouTube, Marco Rubio / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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