Texas Student Gets $500 "White Man" Scholarship


A controversial Texas group that promised to give college scholarships only to white men has made its first award.

According to a report from the New York Daily News, the group that calls itself the Former Majority Association for Equality gave $500 to a man named Brendan Baird to help pay for his education to be a physician's assistant. The group plans to give away four more scholarships. 

The group, which chose its name because white men are no longer the majority in Texas, said it is not against minorities. 

"We're not racists. We have no agenda for bigotry," president Colby Bohannon told KDFW television. "We're not trying to take away anything from any other group. We're just trying to help poor, Caucasian males afford college."

Baird, who is studying at Texas State University, said he applied to the group because he couldn't find another scholarship program for which he was qualified. In addition to being white, Baird also has a high GPA and a history of community service.

"If anyone wants to say it's an issue of color, it's the color of green," Baird told KDFW. "And we all need it."

The station reports that the group's vice-president is black, and there are two women and a Hispanic man on its board.

"Right now everybody else has their own specific scholarship: Minorities, left-handed people, people who like the color green," black vice president Marcus Carter said.


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