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Texas State Senate Bill to Require Women to Watch 3-Hour Adoption Video Before Choosing Abortion

The Texas state Senate, on a roll from its successful and high profile abortion restrictions, is considering another law aimed at curbing abortion.

Democratic State Sen. Eddie Lucio filed SB 42, which mandates the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to produce a three-hour “course” on adoption procedures as an alternative to abortion. The pro-life senator has stated explicitly that the bill is intended to change women’s minds. The course could be taken both online and in person.

“It is my hope that, when presented with more information on adoption resources and services available, more pregnancies can be carried to term,” Lucio said in a public statement.

Lucio was the only Democrat to support Gov. Rick Perry’s bill earlier this month that closed all but a few abortion clinics. This time, however, rather than targeting the providers of abortion, this bill sets its sights mostly on women considering an abortion.

Currently, a woman in Texas who seeks an abortion must see an ultrasound, hear a description of her fetus and undergo counseling before driving to one of the few remaining clinics open in Texas, the largest state of the territorial United States.

Proponents of the bill might argue it only serves to assure the woman is making a fully informed decision.

Opponents, however, might allege that the bill is patronizing, expensive and infeasible for low-income women working many jobs and with little time to spare.

“I am fully aware that this bill, filed on the last day of the second special legislative session, will not immediately pass,” Lucio said. “However, I intend to continue advocating adoption as an alternative."

Lucio plans to bring the bill to a vote in the third special session of congress announced by Perry earlier this week.

Sources: Huffington Post


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