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Texas State Rep. Jonathan Stickland Defends Second Amendment Tweet

Texas State Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R) tweeted on Twitter today: "Some days u r extra thankful we still have the right 2 protect ourselves & the 2nd amendment. Today is 1 of those days."

Many observers believe that Stickland's tweet was a veiled threat against a large number of non-violent, pro-choice protesters at the Texas capitol on Sunday.

Pro-choice protesters have been demonstrating daily since Thursday, when the group formed a “people’s filibuster” of SB 5, which could close all the abortion clinics in the state, notes

SB 5 failed during regular sessions, but Republicans have introduced it during a special session because they need fewer votes to pass it.

If the bill were to become law, abortion clinics would have to be licensed as ambulatory surgical centers, doctors would have to give abortion-causing medicine in person instead of a prescription and the doctors themselves would need hospital admitting privileges.

Later, Stickland wrote on his website that his Second Amendment tweet was actually about voting and the ability to protect himself.

“My [Twitter] reference this morning to being grateful for the ability to defend myself is coupled with the knowledge that there are those among us who cannot defend themselves," he wrote. "Through my vote today I will be defending the rights of those who cannot speak for their own rights.”

He added: “Only liberals would take a mention of the Second Amendment and my gratefulness for my ability to protect myself from threats and twist it into absurd accusations that I am going to attack people today at the Capitol.”

He also claimed the legislation aimed at closing abortion clinics "increases the standard of care women are receiving in health clinics," but did not explain how.

Stickland also said: "Liberals would like to create certain categories of human beings who in their minds, are not worth protecting," but did not explain what these "categories" supposedly created by "liberals" were.

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